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Apr 30, 2019

After Elisha gets harassed all day, Elijah makes a grand exit.

Kings 2

Apr 23, 2019

After getting a married woman pregnant and killing her husband, David is finally punished for his actions...kind of.

David and Milkom wore a 75 lb crown, wouldn't that have snapped their necks?
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Apr 18, 2019

Save a seat for Elijah!

Elijah's Cup

Apr 16, 2019

King David sees a woman bathing on the roof, and instead of ignoring her like a normal person, he becomes the ultimate creep.

2 Samuel 11

Bathsheba with David's messenger, as the king watches from his roof, 1562 Jan Massys

Apr 9, 2019

Jacob has a dream while fleeing from his older brother, and it looked something like this:

Genesis 28:10-22


Jacob's Dream by William Blake (c. 1805)

The Ladder of Divine Ascent, Saint Catherine's Monastery

Angels climbing up and down the ladder at Bath Abbey


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